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La Mozzata Vallenari Surf Craft


The strapless board for freestyle kitesurfing.
The bottom  has a single concave that runs through its entire length.
A central channel and two lateral channels are located between the fins.
The channels of the board offer an excellent stiffness which increase the POP for jumping without compromise.
On the deck we find two other side channels that further stiffen the board and simplify all your grabs in aerial maneuvers.
Available in two different versions of scoop rocker.
A softer and more relaxed rocker to use it in flat waters, while in the version with a more accentuated scoop rocker to use it in the waves.
EPS and epoxy resin construction for excellent strength and lightness.

lenght from 5'0 "to 5'5"  
In picture: 5'3 "x 17" 1/2 x 2 

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