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Half/Half Vallenari Surf Craft

It is one of the models I took home after my experience in California.
One night after a day spent glassing in Oceanside, Michael and I decided to create a new longboard model combining two different templates.
From the nose to the centerline of the board it was the template of a classic Californian nose rider while the part, from the center of the board to the tail, we used the template of a pig.
We reversed the blank to get a reverse rocker, which gave us the possibility to have a nose with a lower rocker and a tail with a very accentuated rocker.
The low rocker in the nose gave a noticeable advance to the take off, while the accentuated kick tail gave us the possibility to brake and regain control of the board when we strayed too far from the wave pocket.
Classic rail 50/50 not too pinched. 
The bottom V roll is accompanied by a concave on the nose, which can be of two types: blended, recommended for waves with little strength, or with hard contour when waves are steeper.

Lenght from 9'2 "to 9'8"
In picture: 9'5 "x 23" x 3 "


Half/Half Vallenari Surf Craft
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